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How To Coach And Support Franchisees To Radically Increase Their Revenues and Profits!

Supporting Franchisees shows you the "HOW" and "WHAT" to effectively coach franchisees so they stop struggling and start to make record revenues and profits . . . month after month!

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1-2-1 Coaching is the MOST effective way to support Franchisees and drive revenue growth... isn't it time to super charge your results?

The Question is . . . Who is Supporting your Supporters?

To grow more leaves on a tree, you need to water the roots.  For Franchisee growth, you need to 'water' your Franchisor Support team.

This is what the Supporting Franchisees course is all about . . . training, education, supporting AND ENHANCING your Support Team

So who is Supporting Franchisees really for?

Field Managers, Business Coaches, and BDMs

If you are open to learning and want to HELP Franchisees get more from their business this is for you.

Emerging Founder Franchisors

If you want to get to critical mass - FAST - with solid systems and processes to help Franchisees now and into the future.

Established Franchise Brands

If you are looking to continue the professional development of your team to ENHANCE their already first class abilities and skills.

Struggling Franchise Groups

If you haven't yet cracked the code to Franchisee success ... and desperately want and need to ... but also need to watch your dollars.

The Biggest Factors - Do you truly want to HELP the Franchisees in your care AND are you open to learning?

I think it's time we take the stress, frustration and the 'OMG, why won't Franchisees just follow the system' out of coaching and supporting Franchisees. Just imagine how you would feel if you . . .

  • Knew how in ONE SESSION, you could have a Franchisee clear - and confident - on HOW they will DOUBLE their profits
  • Learnt the exact steps to turn a struggling Franchisee around and got them on the path to success
  • Understood the different coaching methods and techniques to tailor your coaching to each individual (as people come in all sorts of 'packages')
  • How to maximise YOUR time, reduce Franchisor support costs AND still get better results
  • Learn how to get a Franchisee to think AND act like a Business Owner for long term success, also showing your concept is a proven success for more Franchise sales

But above all else, the Supporting Franchisees Course will give you (and your team) the confidence and strategies to make a REAL difference to the lives of your franchisees.

Hear what Dave from City Cave has to say...


Plain and Simple: Supporting Franchisees will give you the tools, tips and strategies you want to have a REAL impact on the success of your Franchisees.

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What's Inside the Supporting Franchisees Course?

Supporting Franchisees is a 12 module, step-by-step video training course that walks you through all the areas of business and coaching for more profitable and happier Franchisees.

  • 24/7 Instant Access from Anywhere in the world
  • 12 Months Access
  • UNLIMITED Participants
  • Workbooks & Quizzes on every module for enhanced learning
  • Literally EVERY system, technique or strategy I use to coach - NOTHING is left out!


Highlights in your 12 Modules of Supporting Franchisees:

Module 1 - You . . . the Supporter

Intention is everything before helping others.  We cover foundational business principles to lay the ground work for future modules.  The goal is to have the student think about who they are helping and why, the framework to help and making their coaching/support about the franchisee, not themselves. 

(15 video lessons with workbook)

Module 2 - Increasing Profitability

Franchising is a game of business and the scorecard is profit! Discover how to COACH a franchisee in a simple way, to help them increase their profitability and grow their business.  This foundational work will help you have the plan for coaching moving forward.  This is an extremely powerful skill and it’s easier than people think! 

(9 video lessons with workbook)

Module 3 - Marketing 101

A coaching session with a franchisee won’t go by without some sort of discussion on marketing.  Learn how to teach marketing but also how to get franchisee to take control on their LAM and own their business.  This module also includes discussion on specific techniques – both on and offline. 

(28 video lessons with workbook)

Module 4 - Sales 101

Sales is major ‘fear factor’ for many franchisees.  Learn my technique that in 10 minutes, you can eliminate fear, create confidence and have franchisees selling more!  Improving conversion rate is the fastest way to grow a business and it generally doesn’t cost a cent to do! 

(17 video lessons with workbook)

Module 5 - Goal Setting

Most coaches overcomplicate goal setting or do it in a way that a franchisee is not really ‘into’ their goals and will then do what it takes to achieve them!  Create plans that will get implemented, not sit on a shelf, collecting dust… 

(16 video lessons with workbook)

Module 6 - How to run a coaching session

This module is about ‘how to coach’ rather than ‘what to coach’.  The art of asking quality questions, how to get results, how to set up your space for success.  This is the foundation to being a great coach and essential tool for anyone helping franchisees grow their business. 

(18 video lessons with workbook)

Module 7 - The Coaching Toolbox

No builder would walk into a job without having their toolbox in hand, ready to start work.  No coach should turn up to a coaching session without access to their ‘coaching tools’.  Learn all my favourite tools that WORK.  They are the ones I use the most and will give you the most bang for your buck when coaching. 

(28 video lessons with workbook)

Module 8 - Helping with Financials . . . without being an Accountant!

You don’t need to be an accountant to make your way around a P&L or cashflow projection.  Every coach should have a basic understanding on how to use these items (and more) and also understand how to get a franchisee to use their accountant more effectively for their business. 

(14 video lessons with workbook)

Module 9 - Time Management

Business produces two results – money and time.  Many franchisees want control on their time and to be their own boss and gain that all important work/life balance!  As a coach, you have to understand how to coach a franchisee around the use of their time, where to leverage and where to do more! 

(15 video lessons with workbook)

Module 10 - Team

‘You can’t find good people’ is the catch cry of many franchisees.  In this module, learn how to hire (and well) plus induct team.  How to coach franchisees on techniques to have a more effective team, create culture and get the staff that they deserve! 

(26 video lessons with workbook)

Module 11 - Helping Struggling Franchisees

Understanding the ins and outs of working with struggling franchisees is a MUST for any coach.  This is a skill that will take you a long way!  Learn all my top techniques for successfully turning around struggling franchisees.  Without these techniques, tips and hints, working with a struggling franchisee can be the most stressful activity for any support team member. 

(21 video lessons with workbook)

Module 12 - Case Studies

Through this module, we will look at specific types of franchisees and situations/scenarios.  I will take you through how I handle these situations plus ideas and ways to coach a franchisee through them.  This will be invaluable for newer coaches, but will also add value to any coach. 

(22 video lessons with workbook)

Supporting your Supporters and getting Franchisees results is as easy as 1 . . 2 . . 3!

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Still not 100% sure? Are you thinking...

  • Our Franchisees are already receiving 1-2-1 coaching.  Will the Supporting Franchisees course still be of value?

Yes.  In fact, I had an email recently from Dave from City Cave (Next Gen in Franchising Global Winners 2019) and he has been a Franchise Support Manager for many years and worked with two other franchise groups before City Cave.  He emailed me and wrote "I have to say I am super impressed with the content so far.  I knew it would be high quality, but I don't think I expected to have so many "Sh*t, let me write this down moments" and that was after just Module 1.  So if you're open to learning, the course will be of value.

  • We are kind of busy right now . . . ok, really busy.  If we join today, do we need to go through the entire program right now?  How long will it take?

I get it, believe me I do.  Here's the great news.  The entire course is go-at-your-own-pace AND when you enrol today, you get a full 12 months access to the course.  That's 12 whole months to complete the course.  There's no rush! Do one module a month, one a week, one video a day - whatever works for you!

  • Will it cost us more to implement your techniques and strategies?

Simple answer is NO.  In fact, you might learn ways to streamline your support whilst INCREASING results.  

  • We have a big team of field managers and support team.  Who should we choose to complete the course?

Lucky for you... you don't have to choose!  You get UNLIMITED participants to the Supporting Franchisees Course for just the one payment of $2,997.  So if you have 5 Field Managers, still $2,997.  You have 30 Field Managers, still $2,997.  Everyone from your company can do the course.  I've even had members of the accounting team do some of the modules from franchise groups.  Have everyone singing from the same song sheet!

"I want to drop you a note to let you know how much of a help you have been over the last 6 months in my new role at GroutPro. Making the transition from coaching and developing staff to coaching and developing franchisee’s is a far bigger jump than I realised in my initial unconscious incompetent state. Your tried and tested experience has help me develop my own confidence as I plan and execute my role. The relevance of your content is exactly on point. I have picked up 10+ absolute vital learnings, some of which are now discussed within GroutPro on a daily basis. The accessibility of your material is a great help, some of your topics I have been over 5-6 times helping to reinforce some of the decisions I have made over the last 6 months. Your input has significantly increased the quality of our company as we continue to grow."

Steven Roberts
Franchise Development, GroutPro

Are you ready to help your Franchisees grow their business?

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Your Investment is Fully Backed by my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

I don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers.  I can't guarantee your results ... just like you can't guarantee a Franchisee's results.   I can show you the way, but you have to implement it.  That being said, if you are not satisfied with the quality of content or for any other reason whatsoever, simply email ([email protected]) requesting a full and immediate refund!

No questions asked.

Tracey Leak

Plus . . . if you enrol TODAY, you will unlock these additional bonuses to help generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it) AND start getting results FAST!

Bonus 1:  The Life Raft Guide

Need results fast?  Feel like you are drowning?  Imagine a checklist of the videos and lessons I would recommend you complete FIRST to get results fast?  Would that be a good little extra helping hand?  Yours with the course today.


Bonus 2:  101 Tips for Franchisees E-book

I’m a best selling author – I know, I still can’t believe it either.  One of the books I've written is specifically for Franchisees.  Packed with information and a helpful resource that retails for $24.95.  What if I gave you the book in a PDF version so you could simply email it to your franchisees to not only give them some added value but to also help fast track results? Also. you would have it forever to give to new franchisees too?  Sound good?

Bonus 3:  Business Basics Express

Don't leave all the heavy lifting to your support team, let me help you.  This is a course for business owners that includes my top 14 lessons that I use with EVERY CLIENT to get a result.  Would you like it if when I email you the link to allow all of your team to access the Supporting Franchisees Course, I also sent you a link that you could give to your franchisees so they could access the Business Basics Express Course for FREE?  It retails at $297 PER PERSON, but you can have it complimentary with the Supporting franchisees Course

Bonus 4:  Mindset Express

My Mindset Express course is my top 11 favourite business mindset lesson such as how to overcome obstacles.  Get this and give ALL of your Franchisees access for FREE with the Supporting Franchisees enrolment because we all know that how we think plays a massive part in growing a business..  Mindset Express sells at $97.

Bonus 5:  Module 13 - Presenting 101

This bonus module is perfect for anyone on your team that needs to present to franchisees . . . Initial franchise training, regional training, conference.  Also, presenting increases your confidence and coaching skills so this will help your support team grow to the next level. Learn how to teach to a group so that they learn AND enjoy the session. There are some keys to success to present in a way that people will listen, learn, retain AND use the information. 

(29 Video lessons and workbook)

Why am I giving you these bonuses?

So that you can get results FASTER !

When you add it all up, with just 10 Franchisees in your group, that's a total real world value of $3,219 of additional extras and that is with ONLY 10 Franchisees.  Add a zero to that number if you have 100 Franchisees!

Enrol in Supporting Franchisees Today!

"Tracey's 13 module 'Supporting Franchisees' course has been an incredibly valuable tool used at Jetts Fitness. We've had our most senior and experienced franchise leaders work through the course as well as some of our finance team members. All have said they've taken away new learnings and ways to approach challenges. Tracey, thank you for your support and for being so accommodating in working with us."

Alisha Murdoch
People & Culture Manager, Jetts Fitness

Wait! Who am I?

Hi, I'm Tracey!

I've been a business coach specialising in Franchising for over 15 years!  I love helping business owners to make more profit with less stress and struggle.

I created the Supporting Franchisees course because I believe that Franchisees are real people with real families, probably invested every dollar they have (and maybe some they didn't have) to achieve their hopes and dreams for their life.  These people deserve our respect and support and that lead me to "How can I support the supporters" with REAL techniques, REAL strategies that GET RESULTS!  


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So are you ready to do this?

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